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Adding a Printer to Windows by IP Address

1.  Click Start > Devices and Printers > Add a printer.  Proceed to click or enter the following configuration settings.

2.  Add a local printer.

3.  Create a new port.  Type of port:  Standard TCP/IP Port.  Next.

Image of new port selection

4.  Enter the IP Address of the printer, which is labeled on the printer itself.  Check the option to “Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use.”  Next.

Image of entering the IP Address of the printer to add

5.  If the printer driver is found in your computer already, you can proceed to #6 below.  If it is not found, you will be presented with a list of printer drivers to choose from.  Select the make and model of the printer.

If the model of printer is not in the list, click Windows Update which will provide more models to choose from.  Then select the model or the model closest to it.

Alternatively, select “Have Disk” and navigate to the network file location of the driver.*  Next.

Image of selection of printer driver

6.  Enter the name of the printer as it is labeled on the printer itself.  Next, and the printer driver will be installed if it weren’t already.

Image of entering the printer name


7.  For network security, do not share the printer.   Next.

Do not share the printer--image

8.  Set as default printer and/or print a test page if desired.  Finish.

Finish printer installation image


* ATS Help can assist with this if needed.