Convio is the email marketing application adopted by University Advancement and UW Marketing for broad based email engagement such as e-newsletters and event invitations. It can also host processing of web-based event registrations and payments.

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Who can use Convio?

All Schools and some other major units in the University already have a “Center” allocated to it with one or more Center Administrators.  If you create and send email, or coordinate and publicize events, on behalf of your department, school, or unit, you may be a candidate for Center Administrator.  Contact us at for more information.

Who supports Convio?

Advancement Training & Support (ATS) provides basic support for the use of the Convio application.  This includes:

  • Training in the use of the Convio application for email communication and event registration for “Center” admins
  • Answering support questions about Convio
  • Loading lists of email addresses into Convio
  • Facilitating inter-departmental resource sharing and consultation for best leveraging the value of Convio at U
  • Partnering with Advancement’s Reporting Group, UW Marketing e-communications specialists, and other experienced Convio administrators who are part of the larger support network for UW’s engagement strategy using Convio

ATS does not support content development for Convio, such as creating newsletter templates, designing stationery, troubleshooting HTML, etc. If your unit does not have a graphic design resource, please contact Creative Communications for assistance.

Blackbaud Luminate provides web learning and support resources here:

Note: Please download this document, How to Access Convio Training from Blackbaud, to register for the Blackbaud LearnCenter.

How can I receive Convio training?

Advancement Training & Support  provides training on the use of Convio for email and event registration.

  • Training sessions are typically held in the Washington Commons 1st floor Training Room.  Training confirmations will detail how to access this room.
  • You can learn more about Convio training here, and register for currently scheduled sessions here.
  • If there is no currently scheduled session you can attend, please contact Advancement Training & Support at We may be able add sessions to the calendar.

Blackbaud also offers free public training. Download this document, How to Access Convio Training from Blackbaud, to learn how to register for recommended sessions.

I am already trained but I need help!

There are multiple avenues of help available to you.

  • See our online support pages on the left
  • The Blackbaud LearnCenter may help with online demos and training. Click here to download instructions for registering for a LearnCenter account (it’s not the same login as your UW Convio admin account).
  • Ask a question in the Blackbaud Knowledge Base
  • Sign up for a refresher training session
  • Email your question to us at or phone us at 1-3947.  We are available weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

Convio News and Tips for Administrators!

The Convio News and Tips Newlsetter is a periodic email sent to Convio administrators were will be answering common questions that we receive at We will also provide you with updates on any changes we have made to Convio procedures.

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