Convio is the email marketing application adopted by University Advancement and UW Marketing for broad based email engagement such as e-newsletters and event invitations. It can also host processing of web-based event registrations and payments.

Who can use it?

All Schools and some other major units in the University already have a “Center” allocated to it with one or more Center Administrators.  If your role in your school, department or program is to hands-on manage your broadcast email communications, you may be a candidate for Center Administrator.  Contact us at for more information.

How is it supported?

Advancement Training & Support (ATS) provides basic support for the use of the Convio application.  This includes:

  • Training in the use of the Convio application for email communication and event registration for “Center” admins
  • Answering support questions about Convio
  • Loading lists of email addresses into Convio
  • Facilitating inter-departmental resource sharing and consultation for best leveraging the value of Convio at UW

We work closely with Advancement’s Reporting Group, UW Marketing e-communications specialists, and other experienced Convio administrators who are part of the larger support network for UW’s engagement strategy using Convio.

Blackbaud Luminate provides web learning and support resources here:

How can I receive Convio training?

Please see information about training here.

I am already trained but I need help!

There are multiple avenues of help available to you.

  • See our online support pages in the left nav-tree
  • The Blackbaud LearnCenter may help with online demos and training. Click here to download instructions for registering for a LearnCenter account (it’s not the same login as your UW Convio admin account).
  • Ask a question in the Blackbaud Knowledge Base
  • Sign up for a refresher training session
  • Email your question to us at or phone us at 1-3947.  We are available weekdays from 8am to 5pm.