Convio List Loading

Advancement Training & Support provides the service of loading email lists for Convio Center administrators.

Processing Time
Data Requirements
Interest or Group?
List Load Request Form


To request a list upload:

  1. Review your data to ensure that it meets the Data Requirements detailed below.
  2. Submit the List Load Request form below.
  3. Check  your email for a confirmation message which includes a link to a secure dropbox.
  4. Upload your list(s) to the secure dropbox. Please do not email your list.

Upon receipt of your list load request, ATS staff will:

  1. Create a HelpDesk work order to track your request
  2. Review your data to ensure it meets the Data Requirements detailed below
  3. Upload your list, and send you a confirmation when the upload is complete

Processing Time

Please allow three business days’ processing time. If you have a more urgent request, please contact ATS HelpDesk at 1-3947 or to discuss your situation.

If you want to send your message on: Request your load on or before the preceding:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday

Data Requirements

You should review the Common Data Errors page as a checklist to ensure your data meets requirements. The page shows examples of common data errors and how to fix them.


Excel or comma separated values (CSV) file: .xls, .xlsx, or csv.

The spreadsheet should have only one tab.

Required Columns

  • First name (one name only per cell – e.g., not “John and Mary”)
  • Last name
  • Email address (one address only per cell)

Optional Columns

  • The following columns will help Convio correctly match your constituents:
    • Advance ID
    • Contact ID (unique identifier in Convio constituent record)
  • You may also include columns for any other fields you wish to populate, such as Prefix (e.g., Mr., Ms., etc.)

If You Need Help

If you have questions regarding your data, or would like to learn some Excel skills that will help you transform your spreadsheet into a loadable format, we’d love to help.

Contact ATS HelpDesk at 1-3947 or

Interest or Group?

Before submitting your request, please consider whether you should be uploading your list to a user-created group, or to an interest opt-in group. You may send email to user-created groups without also adding the same constituents to an interest opt-in group.

  • You should use an interest ID only if the constituents on your list are aware that they are being opted in to receive email on that topic.
  • If you have selected your target list from a general population, such as Advance, or another database, you should upload your list to a user-created group only. You can:
    • Create the group yourself in Convio and then provide the Group ID
    • Request to have ATS create the group for you by selecting “This is a new group” in the Loading Options.

To learn more about Interests and Groups, please review the Interest & Groups page.

Instructions for locating your Group or Interest ID are located on this page.

List Load Request Form


Please submit one form per group that you would like to upload.

Group Info

Group ID (4-6 digit number), if adding to an existing Email List group:

Group Name:

Group Loading Options (required)

Interest Info (Optional)

Note: Only include an Interest ID if constituents have requested to opt in to the Interest. Otherwise, use a Group ID.

Interest ID (4-5 digit number), if adding to an Interest Opt-In group:

Interest Name:

Admin Info

Date Email to be Sent. Select Month, Day and Year (required):

Additional Comments:

Submitted by (required):

Email (required):

Phone (required):

Convio Center (required):

Complete file name(s) of spreadsheet(s) to be loaded for this request (required):