Email Support and FAQ

What is the difference between an interest and a group?

Interests are your public facing subscriptions. They allow your constituents to opt into or out of different types of messages.  examples include: Columns Magazine, Bothell Buzz, and iSchool Events.

Groups allow you to target specific populations, rather than every constituent who is subscribed to an interest.  Examples include: Class of ’62 Reunion, Alumni in Orange County, and Donors Over $10K.

Click here for info on identifying IDs for your interests and groups.

How do I create my message?

Click here for a walk-through to create your message from beginning to end.

My message is approved, how do I setup the message delivery?

Click here to view a PDF all about sending your message.

How can folks sign up to receive my messages?

Click here to view a PDF all about Convio email signup management.

Also see the UW Marketing resources on Email templates and best practices.

How can folks manage their own subscriptions?

Click here to view a PDF all about Convio email subscription management.

Why shouldn’t I send email to a UW mailman list?

Convio treats every email address as an individual. If anyone on that list decides to opt out, it opts the entire list out. UW-IT can help you to extract email addresses from a Mailman list and those addresses can be uploaded to a Convio group via our list loading process. This allows you to respect the subscription management wishes of each individual on the list, and UW wants to build relationships with our constituents as individuals where we can.

Switching from a Mailman list to Convio altogether will allow your list members the greatest control over their email subscription and allow you to add members in one place rather than to manage your Mailman list membership as well as the Convio group membership.

That said, if your Mailman list is (1) critical to maintain, (2) mainly student oriented, and/or so dynamic in membership that dual maintenance is too burdensome, and (3) you still want to send messages using Convio, the recommendation is this:

Create a Convio constituent that represents the list, something like, First Name–Freshman, Last Name–Dorm Notices, Email– Then create a group and add that constituent to the group. Email your message to that group of one. Important:  Before sending any message to that group, look up that constituent and make sure the constituent is opted into email, your center, and your interest. Be aware that individuals who attempted to unsubscribe in the past and receive another message by virtue of being on the list may be offended by further contact. If this comes to your attention, that individual would have to be removed from the Mailman list in order to stop receiving the messages.

My question isn’t answered on this page, what next?

Check out our other support pages in your left hand nav-tree. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, email us.