University Advancement Intranet

Changing an Email Address

convio email search
Start by hovering on Constituent 360 and select Constituents.  From here, you can search for the person who needs to have their email address changed.  It is easiest to search for people by their email address, as that will be unique.  You can also search using the name fields to determine if the person has a duplicate record.

If you are searching someone with a UW email, try just searching with their UW NetID.


After you click Find, you will be presented with a list of constituents that match your search.

search results

If there is an Advance ID in the ID field, the email change needs to be made in Advance.  Advance IDs are all 10 digits with at least three leading zeros (i.e. 0000123456).  Please contact with the name, Advance ID, and email change that needs to be made.

search results3

If there is not an Advance ID in the ID field, the email change can be made directly in Convio.  Start by clicking the pencil icon next to the person’s name.  Scroll down to the Email field and replace the existing email address with the new information.  Click the Save button just about the Biographical Information header and the change will be made.