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In the WYSIWIG, click the tree icon and select Browse Convio Image Library.  Choose from the images already loaded into your center, or select Add New Image to add an image to your center from your local hard drive.  Once you have selected or added your image, you will see the screen below.  Align your photo in the manner you wish, adjust the size appropriately, and click Insert.

example image


  • Click your image, then click the tree to edit the existing image.  Click update to finish.
  • Messages originating from Convio are typically set to be 600 pixels wide.  There is around 50 pixels of white space on the borders of your message.  Use this information to adjust your image size correctly.
  • We recommend setting 3 to 5 pixels of vertical and horizontal space between your image and the surrounding text.
  • Align the image within the Insert/Edit Image utility.  Do not align your image using the left, center, or right justification buttons in the WYSIWIG toolbar.
  • Convio has a 6,000,000 pixel limit on images.  You may need to shrink your image prior to uploading.