University Advancement Intranet


Convio tracks and stores a large amount of data related to your message delivery such open rate, click through rate, bounces and unsubscribes.  The following steps will allow you to view more detailed information regarding your message delivery.  Please see the Convio Statistics page for a more condensed view of this information.

  1. Hover on Email and select Email Campaigns
  2. Click the green Campaigns tab
  3. Click Manage next to the name of your campaign.  If you can’t find your campaign, try using the search function.
  4. Click the green Reports tab
  5. Choose the report of your choice from the drop down menu and click Go
  6. Select the message of your choice on the left, click Add, click Next
  7. Name your report and click Submit Report
  8. Wait about 10 seconds, then click Refresh this page.  Most reports will complete in about 10 seconds.

You can view in the information online, or download the file an open in Microsoft Excel.

Report Definitions*

  • Message Performance – This will give you similar information as the delivery stats.   It is a good report if you want to compare the performance of multiple messages.
  • Message Open – Will list of every recipient who opened your message.
  • Clickthrough Details – Will list every recipient who clicked a link in your message and which link was clicked
  • Clickthrough Summary – Will list every link in your message and how many times that link was clicked.
  • Unsubscribe – Will list every constituent who unsubscribed and to what extent.  i.e. from you interest, center, or Convio altogether
  • Hard Bounce – Will list every constituent who did not receive your message due to a hard bounce.
  • Soft Bounce – Will list every constituent who did not receive your message due to a soft bounce.

*other reports in the drop down menu involve functions of Convio that are not utilized