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Every message that is sent from Convio is required to have an unsubscribe link in the footer.  It is almost always built directly into your stationary.  Many of your constituents may unsubscribe using that link.  However, some will choose to hit reply and request that you unsubscribe them from your newsletter.

Start by hovering on Constituent360 and click Consituents.  Look up the person by using their email address or first and last name.  Click the chart button to view the profile of that person.  Next, click the green Email Preferences tab.

From here, there are two buttons you are use:  Edit and Edit Site-Wide Preferences.

email preferences

Edit:  Allows you to edit preferences within your center.  As in, opt a person out of an interest or opt them out of your center completely.

Edit Site-Wide Preferences:  Allows you to edit preferences for the entire UW instance of Convio.  This can be used to opt a person out of any and all messages that are sent from Convio.

Unsubscribe from an Interest

Start by clicking Edit.  Find the interest from which the person wishes to unsubscribe.  Use the drop down menu to change from Subscribed to Unsubscribed.  Click Save.

unsubscribe from an interest

Unsubscribe from your Center

Star by clicking Edit.  Change the top radio button to No, opt this constituent out of… and click Save.

unsubscribe from a center

Opt Out of Convio

opt out of convio

You will want to use this option sparingly, if at all.

Start by clicking Edit Site-Wide Preferences.  Change the radio button to No, opt this constituent out of site-wide email and click Save.