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Event Support – Sunsetting!

Convio Event Support is Sunsetting!

Now that Cvent, our new online event registration system is off the ground, please be aware that we are no longer supporting new events on Convio. Any events that were set up on Convio prior to the release of Cvent are grandfathered in and will stay on Convio and continue to run through the event lifecycle. If you have new events that you need to create an online registration page for, please refer to these new resources:

Administrator Login

To log into Convio, go to

Training Manual

This document is provided for your reference during and after training, and should not be considered a substitute for participating in training. For more information on training, please visit the ATS Training page.

Convio Event Training Manual


Check out the FAQs below and the support pages listed on the left. If you still need help, please email ATS Help Desk or call 206-221-3947.


What is a page wrapper?

A page wrapper is the header and footer of the event registration webpages that you create.  It is similar to email stationery; in fact it’s nice to make your event webpages match the stationery you use to communicate about the event.  While your stationery and page wrapper may have a similar header image, page wrapper will typically be a bit wider.

ATS Help Desk does not support page wrapper or stationery design. If your unit does not have a graphic design resource, please contact Creative Communications for assistance.

How do I contact event registrants?

When you create an event, Convio automatically creates a group to capture event attendees.  The name of the group will include the name, date, and time of the event, e.g. Dawgs on Wall Street 02/26/2011 7:00 PM.

Can Convio do guest tabling?

Unfortunately, no.  Advancement Communications and Alumni & Constituent Relations have used software called Perfect Table Plan for the tabling at their events.


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