Events created in Convio come equipped with the ability to send messages automatically to your registrants when they RSVP, purchase tickets, are provided with a refund, and to remind them to attend the event.  The details of the event are automatically included in the default message text.  Autoresponders can also be disabled, which may be advisable in some cases.  Below is a list of the different autoresponders available and our recommendations for each.

Event Reminder – This will send a message to your registrants reminding them about the details of their event registration.  Turning this autoresponder on will give your registrants a drop down menu that they will use to select how many days prior to the event they wish to receive a reminder.  This autoresponder is typically disabled and a reminder is sent manually by the event coordinator.  However, if you enable this reminder feature, the reminder will be sent at the exact time of day that the event starts.  If the registrant selects a reminder for two days ahead of a 7:00 pm event, then he or she will receive a message sent by Convio at 7:00 pm, two days ahead.

Event RSVP/Ticket Purchase Thank You – This will send a message to your registrants thanking them for their RSVP or ticket purchase, depending on the type of your event (free vs. paid).  It is highly recommended that this autoresponder be turned on and have the envelope and stationary customized using your unit’s information.

Ticket Purchase Partial Refund* - This will send a message to individual registrants when you provide them with a partial refund.

Ticket Purchase Full Refund* – This will send a message to individual registrants when you provide them with a full refund.

 Contact Kristina Madden in Gift Services regarding any refunds provided for your paid event in Convio if you are using the Foundation’s merchant account.  These refund autoresponders are only available for paid events, there is no autoresponder available for the cancellation of an RSVP.

Stationery for Autoresponders

All of these autoresponders can be customized for each event using your unit’s contact information and stationery. Please note that Convio deletes the “Unsubscribe” link from stationery footers, because it is not possible to unsubscribe from an autoresponder. This may result in an obviously missing phrase in your stationery. For example, if your stationery says “Manage Your Subscriptions or Unsubscribe,” in the autoresponder it will come out as “Manage Your Subscriptions or.” If this concerns you, then you can make a copy of your stationery for use only in autoresponders, and adjust the wording appropriately.