University Advancement Intranet

Managing Registrants

As a Convio administrator, you have the permissions to access the back-end of the registration system.  There you can register a person for your event, cancel their RSVP, edit their responses and provide a full or partial refund.  Use the following steps to manage your registrants.

  1. Hover on Content and select Events.
  2. Click the green Event List tab.
  3. Search for your event and click Manage.
  4. Search for an existing registrant using their first and last name or their email address.

After clicking search, you will be presented with a list of registrants that match your criteria.  There will be a series of links next to these registrants which will allow you to do a number of different tasks including:

  • Edit Responses – change the answers to custom questions you asked
  • Edit RSVP – change the number of guests they are bringing
  • Cancel RSVP
  • Refund*

*IMPORTANT – if you are using the Foundation’s merchant account, it is critical that you work with Gift Services.  Contact Gift Services at regarding any ticket refunds.

Adding a registrant

On this page, you can also click the Add Event Attendee button located just above the search options to add an attendee directly to the guest list without going through the front-end that all of your registrants will see.  This option is handy if registration is closed but you still want to add one last person.

  1. Click Add Event Attendee
  2. Choose the Search for Existing Constituent option
  3. Search using their first and last name or their email
  4. Click Select next to the name of the matching constituent**
  5. Fill out the event information page with their RSVP info

**NOTE – if you cannot find the person you are looking for, contact us.