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Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information
Our constituents rely on our responsible handling of the information we have about them and their giving. This course is required for access to alumni/donor data in any format.

Advance: Basic Training
This is the foundation course on using the Advance database for lookups of alumni and donors, updating constituent email addresses, and basic access of ReportWriter.NET.

Constituency Groups in Advance
This course is intended for UW Advancement staff who want to know more about how we track groups of alumni, donors, and friends in Advance. This includes an orientation on Activities (Events), Awards & Honors, Committee tracking, Interests, Mailing Lists, Sports and Student Activities.

Frontline Fundraiser Training Library
This is a collection of FLF quarterly training presentation slide decks and handouts. Where we were able to secure permission to video record the session, videos are also provided!

Student Calling Program 101
This course provides introductory training for the UW students employed in the Student Calling Program.



Advancement Training & Support supports e-learning for Advance and supporting systems in Canvas, the Learning Management System adopted by the UW.

If you have signed up for an e-learning course through ATS, your UW NetID will allow you to view that course (and any others you have been enrolled in) and take any associated quizzes or surveys required for completion.

When you are added to a course as a learner, you will receive an invitation – please accept it to join the online course!  It will look a lot like this:

Canvas course invitation

This is not spam – and you should click the course page link to accept the invitation.

You will remain enrolled in the online course for as long as you are employed in your Advancement related role at the UW.

Logging In

At any time you can log into Canvas here:  https://canvas.uw.edu/  Once logged in, you will see any recent activity.  If you have a pending course invitation, you are prompted to accept it.

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Notice that you can configure your preferences for receiving notifications sent to you by the Canvas system.  You can also customize your profile and there is a messaging system, though it is most likely that in ATS we will continue to use regular email for our communications with you.

Finding Your Course

Click the Courses menu to see and choose from the courses you have been enrolled in.

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Course Contents

Canvas courses will have different options made available specific to their learning goals and teaching methods.  In the initial course, Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information, there is a home page which offers a link to launch an interactive lesson, a quiz and a link to an accompanying web form.  (There is also a list of pages at the right, with another page in the course that can be viewed.)

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