University Advancement Intranet

Intranet Updaters

Welcome, Intranet Editors!

This is the area in which you can get introductory training and support for your web site maintenance responsibilities.

    • Interested in possibly becoming an editor?  Read through the guide to see what’s involved for basic maintenance functions.  Email if you’re interested in getting an editor account.
    • Includes:  How to log in to the correct site, creating new “child” pages, formatting text, creating links to other pages, uploading and linking to pictures or documents.
  • Anchor Links Template is a quick cheat sheet for creating tables of contents, in which you provide links on the top of a page to areas of the same page below.  View that page in edit mode, choose the Text tab, and copy from the formatting of that page in order to create your own anchors and internal links.

Additional Training

If you read the editor materials in this area, and would like a one-on-one tutorial, email and let us know.

Have some content ready to edit within your Intranet area of responsibility so that the tutorial can be a working session to get your page or pages edited while you learn.