F&A Staff Maintenance

When new staff are added to or removed from the University Advancement Staff List, the same addition or removal is repeated within WordPress Users to keep the lists consistent with each other.  (This is temporary as in the future we intend to have only one list to keep up to date.)  One primary and one backup F&A staff member are given the administrative rights needed for this maintenance.

Log Into WordPress Dashboard

Staff Profiles are maintained in the secure WordPress site.  Use this link to log into the Dashboard:  https://depts.washington.edu/uwadvsec/wordpress/wp-admin/

Adding New Staff

1.  Access the Users List

Hover over "Users" and choose "Add New."

2.  Create the New User Account

Enter Username as the UW NetID; Preferred email; First & Last Names; Role = Subscriber. Click Add New User.

3.  Update Display Name

Click Users and search for the user by Username.

When you have found the user, hover over the username and click "Edit."

Choose the First Name Last Name option for display name, and click the "Update User" button.


Removing Staff

Find the staff account and change the role to "Inactive." Click "Update User."


Enabling the Secure Profile Link in the Public Staff Directory

Add a URL to the Profile field of the ReportWriter.NET staff record.  (It can be any URL, technically, but we’re recommending http://uw.uw.edu.)

(It doesn’t matter if you do this before or after adding the WordPress account.)

Adding Profile field URL