University Advancement Intranet

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Site Navigation and Structure

Each main feature of the site has a place in the top level menu.  Home, Units & Organizations, Toolkits and Virtual Roundtables are the names of the categories within which the feature menu links are located.

Each feature listed within a menu might consist of a single page, or be associated with one or more child pages that work together.  Parent and child pages will be listed together in a left side menu.  The Virtual Roundtable for Intranet Updaters is an example of a feature made up of a parent with several child pages.

The top level navigation menus need to be hard coded into the site by an administrator, but the left hand menus are created dynamically when an update user adds a new page to the “parent” or top level page, and menu entries are deleted if a linked page is deleted.

Three Sites in One

Our intranet is actually three sites with identical themes, backgrounds, and menus.  This allows us to accommodate three levels of security.

Public Pages:  Most pages are public and require no authentication.  This page, for example, is open to the world.  The URL begins with this “root”:

UW NetID:  Some pages require the authentication with a UW NetID, such as the Endowments pages with this root:

UA Staff:  A few pages require authentication with a UW NetID and also that the user have a UA Staff Profile in WordPress.  Campaign Preparedness is one of those pages with this root:

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