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Additional Tips


Close Returns, or Line Breaks

In the WordPress text editor, when you press Return, your next line will appear a few millimeters below the previous line, such as here:

But sometimes you want to have the next line appear immediately below.  In that case, use the Shift key + Return
and then
your lines
will be
close together.

Horizontal Lines

When you want to include horizontal lines, such as the lines that separate each of the topics in this page, toggle to the “Text” tab at the top right corner of the editor.  Enter “<hr /” at each place where you want to include a line.

Then you can toggle back to the Visual tab to finish editing the page.

Email Links

Enter the text where you want to have an or a name with an email link.  Highlight the text and use the Link button to insert the link, but you’ll have to edit the link to say:

Anchor Links

Anchor links are links that point the reader to another place on the same page.

Refer to the anchor link template for tagging help.