University Advancement Intranet

2: Basic Page Maintenance

Page Editor

When you click the Edit button, your view is converted to Edit Page mode which looks like this.  Direct your attention to the most important features in Edit mode which are labeled here.

You can now begin to key enter or paste your text into the page body.

Note about pasting:  If you copy text from a formatted source (e.g., MS Word or an existing web page), it is most reliable to use the Paste as Plain Text button instead of the regular Paste command.  It looks like this:

Paste Icon

The text will lose formatting such as indentations, bold or bullets, but reformatting it in WordPress will be more reliable if you do this.

Text Styles

There are three text styles that are approved for our page contents, Paragraph for regular body text, Heading 3 for minor headings in your page, and Heading 2 for major headings.  A style will be applied to all text within the paragraph containing the cursor at that moment.  This example shows how to place your cursor in a paragraph and choose a style.  After selecting Heading 3, the text will change to that format.

The text as you enter it in the page editor will not look the same as in the finished page, and that’s OK.  Just check the published and updated page when you are finished to make sure it’s the way you want it.


If you want to create a hyperlink to a non-Intranet web page, first locate the web page you wish to link to, select, and Copy the URL.  Then locate the text or graphic image that you wish to use as your hyperlink and select it.  With the text or image selected, click the Insert/Edit Link button.

This will open a dialog where you can control the hyperlink properties.

If the link is external to the Intranet site, paste the URL that you had copied earlier and enter a title for this link.  Then decided whether the link should reload the same page the user clicks on or whether it should open in a new browser window (or frequently it will open a new tab in the same window).  Then click the Add Link button to finish creating the link.

If the link is to another Intranet site page, use the same process, but choose a page from the list of site pages in the lower portion of the dialog.  Due to the number of pages possible, it may be helpful for you to enter a key word search in the search field to narrow your choices.  Then click Add Link.

Updating Page Edits

Once finished editing, use the Update button to commit your changes.

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