5: Uploading and Linking to Documents


Before you upload a document to be available in this site, please consider the following:

  • Is it already available from another web source?  If another site contains a link to that document, don’t duplicate it on our site, simply use the same link to that document in its external site.
  • Is it a new version of a document we have already linked to?  Before uploading it, please locate the obsolete file and delete it in order to avoid accumulating obsolete documents in the site’s database.
  • Should it be protected with a UW NetID login?  Most of our content and documents are OK to have in public view, but if you have a document that needs to be protected, rename it with “-secure” as part of the name of the file just before the extension, such as:


Once you have your documents saved somewhere, you can proceed to insert links to them in your page.

Replacing an Obsolete Document File?

First, identify and delete the old file.

Go to the editor’s Media Library.  Search for the file and delete it.  If you have trouble finding the right file, check on the exact title of the document.

  1. Place your cursor in the text of the document link.
  2. Click the link button.
  3. Refer to Title in the link properties.
  4. Then return to the Media Library and search for that title.
  5. Delete the document when you find it.
  6. Proceed to upload and link to the replacement document.


Adding a New File and Link

While in page edit mode, click the Add Media button, which looks like a star.

Then you’ll be prompted to upload your file if it hasn’t been uploaded already.

Or if it has already been uploaded, you can choose it from the Media Library.

Once you have uploaded or identified the document you wish to provide a link to, you will be prompted to give it properties and then insert it into your page (or “Post”).

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