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Fundraiser Accountability and Metrics

All frontline fundraisers are assigned to one of 7 metrics types, as determined by your supervisor. Your metrics type helps determine your annual goals and informs performance conversations with your supervisor.

Visit our Frontline Fundraiser Metrics page to view and print metrics grids.

What type am I?

Email Prospect Management to find out, or ask your supervisor.

How am I doing?

On the first business day of each quarter, Prospect Management emails four Performance Reports to you and your supervisor, based on your activity recorded in Advance.

You can run your own Performance Reports here:

How do I update the data on my reports?

It is your responsibility to update your proposals, portfolio, and contact reports using these forms:

Prospect Management staff meets with you quarterly, just before the Accountability Reports run, to help ensure that your data in Advance is up-to-date. At these meetings, we give you a get-out-of-jail-free moment by collecting your proposal and portfolio changes and entering the data into Advance for you. Filing contact reports is always solely your responsibility, however.

I am a supervisor. How is my staff doing?

Run Performance Reports for your staff, using the links above.

What’s the difference between Top 25 and  Core?

See our PMATS FAQ, or get in touch with Prospect Management and ask us.

I need Frontline Fundraiser Training.

See the Advance Training Page.