The Prospect Management and Tracking System (PMATS) in Advance is your resource for tracking all your activity with major gift fundraising.

The PMATS is maintained and supported by Prospect Management:


How do I get data into the PMATS?

By using these forms in ReportWriter.NET:

If the type of data you want to put in doesn’t fit into one of these forms, contact Prospect Management and we’ll guide you.

I don’t have access to those forms.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of our donor information, access to the Prospect Tracking system is limited.  Only frontline fundraisers and their support staff have access to the PMATS forms (with the exception of the Contact Report form, which anyone with access to ReportWriter can use).

Frontline fundraisers and their support staff are required to complete PMATS Training in order to gain access to the system. PMATS training is delivered 1:1 at your desk. If you need access, contact us for training.

For all other UW staff–if you would like information from the Prospect Tracking System, please consult with your unit’s fundraiser.  He or she will be able to provide the information you need.  If your information needs cannot be met by working through your fundraiser, ask your fundraiser to contact us ( on your behalf.

What kind of data goes in?

Information related to major gift fundraising. For example: who is a major gift prospect for your unit? How much are you planning to solicit a prospect for with a personal ask in the next 12 months? What are the details of your significant contacts with that prospect?

What kind of data doesn’t go in?

Details of annual gift asks or mass solicitations, gift processing information, event invitations, newsletter mailings. All this data (and more) fits nicely in other areas of Advance. See the UA Intranet Advance Data In page for more information.

Why do I want to put data into PMATS?

To get credit for your good work with major gift fundraising, the data must be in Advance. Sometimes this data is hard to define (did I make the ask, or did I just have a preliminary conversation with a donor?), so Prospect Management is here to help you. As a general rule, if it isn’t in Advance, it didn’t happen.

The University of Washington has an Open Cultivation policy. It is your responsibility to uphold this policy by recording your activity with major gift prospects in Advance. For more information, view the University of Washington Prospect Management Policy (PDF).  A printable, user-friendly version can also be obtained  in our PM Policy Handout (PDF).

What Kind of data can I get out of PMATS?

Information relating to your work as a major gift fundraiser is easily viewed in Advance.  In addition, PMATS stores all prospect information on capacity, relationships, and affinity with the University.  For more information on what information you can pull out of advance, please visit the UA Intranet Advance Reporting page.

PMATS Training Guides