Pam Logan, Human Resources

Kudos to Pam Logan for organizing this year’s Ethics Training. It’s never easy to plan and execute an Advancement-wide activity like this, but it’s valuable information for all of us and this year’s presenter was particularly engaging. Thanks, Pam, for pulling this all together and ensuring we have the understanding we need as state employees!

– Lee Heck, Individual Giving Programs

Connie Barlett, F&A; Brent Ciesliga, ATS; Kathleen Swensen, IGP

Kudos to Connie Bartlett and Brent Ciesliga for helping me with the changes in my office. Connie knows how to get everything done, how to find just the right furniture, and how to make this complicated process as easy as possible. Brent makes anything technological seem easy, especially to a Luddite like me. And when you add Kathleen Swensen to the mix, it’s an unstoppable team!

– Lee Heck, Individual Giving Programs

Student Life team & UMAC Events team

The 1st Husky Parent and Family Weekend was a HUGE success. This was in no small part due to the incredible hard work it takes to coordinate this kind of event. There were myriad activities and really interested and happy families. I’m so happy for you all, and so impressed!

– Susan Hayes-McQueen, PMRA

Audra Daniels & Ben Erickson, ACR; Chris McEwen, Kris Haskins, & Louis Tam, ATS; Courtney Coster & Mariah Moody, UMAC

THANK YOU for volunteering your time, expertise, and enthusiasm at the UW Career Fair to the hundreds of students and alumni who attended. We received plenty of resumes of potential candidates!

The excitement and passion that you conveyed around Advancement was clearly infectious. These students have a better understanding of Advancement and many are inspired by what they can do to help the University as a future employee or even as a future donor. Heartfelt thanks, everyone.

We couldn’t have done it without you—WE>ME.

– Aimee Higbee, Loc Dao, and Michelle O’Connor, UAHR Recruiting Team