The Advanced Materials for Energy Institute at UW seeks to train a diverse and global-thinking cohort of students and postdocs to become the next generation of leaders in the discovery and implementation of new energy solutions. We also participate in activities to engage broader public audiences in discussions of the variety of energy challenges faced by society. Some of our educational activities include:

Advanced Materials for Energy Fellowships

AME Fellows are recruited to participating graduate programs at the UW and contribute to the intellectual vibrancy of the university. In addition to interdisciplinary mentoring and coursework led by groups of AME Institute core faculty, AME fellows will experience unique opportunities for professional growth including interaction with leaders in industry, government, philanthropy, and investment at both formal and informal events such as the annual Fellows' Dinner, AME Institute conferences (e.g. ORCAS Conference), and regular luncheons.  Details..

UW Solar Spectrum Projects

AME is collaborating on the development of five interlocking projects that will engage students as well as the general public in an exploration of solar energy research. These projects include generating electricity from sunlight at UW, providing a facility for testing next-generation photovoltaics (PV) technologies, creating a state-of-the-art Northwest solar monitoring site, starting a new course that will attract students from a range of disciplines and train them in design/build principles relating to solar energy, and creating and launching an interactive kiosk (the SunDawg) that will engage over a hundred thousand visitors a year at UW and in the community.  Details..

Outreach Materials

AME is building a library of many energy- and photonics- related demonstration material available for use in the UW science community! If you are interested in a kit shown here, please contact us about its use. See the library...