Educational Materials for Outreach

AME has a collection of prepared visual and hands-on demonstration material that can be "checked out" by interested members of the energy research community. We just ask you be trained first!

These materials are the end product of many hours of staff and graduate student/post doc work.



The SunDawg is our flagbearer for showcasing our energy research efforts as well as basic energy ideas.  It is a free-standing, portable and high-tech set of modular demonstration panels, designed by an interdisciplinary group led by architecture Prof. Rob Peña. Shaun Taylor did much of the work in assembling the hands-on sections. Each panel stands approximately 6 feet tall and weighs about 20 lbs. The left panel houses a digital picture frame. The right panel shows how different wavelengths (colors) of sunlight are used by solar cells, and also houses a selection of solar cells that power the UW fan.

Current status: AVAILABLE.


Tiny Solar Cars

Shine a flashlight on these little guys and watch them speed away! The cars are approximately 1.25" long.

Current status: AVAILABLE.


Solar Derby Cars

These 7" balsa wood platforms come hook-up ready for a solar powered panel of your choice! Great for figuring out how to make version that go fast, faster ...fastest! Custom paint jobs available.

Current status: AVAILABLE


Photovoltaic Demonstration Panels


Dig deep into the anatomy of many different types of solar cell technologies, and then power something up!  These panels are sized for on-table display; each one is approximately 12" high.

Current Status: AVAILABLE