Energy Storage

From new nanostructured batteries and ultracapacitors to new catalysts that allow the energy of the sun to be stored as chemical fuel, AME scientists are developing cutting edge materials for storing renewable energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. We study advanced materials like hierarchical nanostructured metal oxides and carbon cryogels have the potential both to increase the range of electric cars and increase the lifetimes of cell phone batteries.

AME Faculty doing research in Energy Storage:

Guozhong Cao, Materials Sci & Eng:
Carbon cryogel supercapacitors; nanostructured electrodes for Li ion batteries; coherent carbon cryogel, hydride, and catalytic oxide nanocomposites for hydrogen storage

Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry:
Hydrogen fuel from photocatalysis

Daniel Schwartz, Chemical Eng:
Biomass based energy: technology, environmental, economical and societal impacts

Tom Spiro, Chemistry:
Hydrogen fuel from photocatalysis

Xiaodong Xu, Physics / Materials Sci & Eng:
Carbon based nanomaterials for optoelectronic devices

 Jihui Yang, Materials Sci & Eng:
Design, sysnthesis, testing and fundamental understanding of Li-ion battery materials