Affiliated Faculty


Solar Energy



Research Interests

Guozhong Cao
Materials S&E

Engineering nanomaterials and interfaces for efficient energy conversion and storage

Brandi Cossairt

    New III-V nanostructures and clusters and designing bifunctional electrocatalyst-nanoparticle composites for light harvesting and catalysis

Scott Dunham
Electrical Eng

    Modeling, simulation and technology design for silicon and polymer photovoltaics

Daniel Gamelin

New inorganic materials for solar fuel generation and efficient energy conversion

David Ginger

  Next generation solar cells; advanced microscopy; organic photovoltaics; quantum dots; plasmonics

Hugh Hillhouse
Chemical Eng

  Solar Energy Conversion (solar cells, photoelectrochemical devices); electrochemistry (semiconductor electrochemistry, fuel cells, batteries)

Alex Jen
Materials S&E


Ultra-low-cost and efficient polymer solar cells; solid-state lighting (OLEDs); ultrahigh-bandwidth organic photonic devices for low power computation and telecommunication

Samson Jenekhe
Chemical Eng

  Organic electronics and optoelectronics, including thin film transistors, solar cells, and LEDs; polymer science for photonic applications

Jiangyu Li Mechanical Eng

  Multi-scale modeling, simulation, and scanning probe microscopy characterizations of thermoelectric materials, Li-ion batteries, and other emerging energy conversion systems

Christine Luscombe
Materials S&E

    Design and synthesis of novel organic materials (polymers and macromolecules) for photovoltaic applications

Danilo Pozzo
Chemical Eng

    Structural engineering and processing of soft materials for use in thin-film solar cells; neutron and x-ray scattering techniques characterize energy related materials

Daniel Schwartz
Chemical Eng

  Renewable energy and society; electrode structures for fuel cells

Gerald Seidler

    Synchrotron light Source experiments to characterize energy materials

Tom Spiro

  Solar hydrogen production using molecular photocatalysts

Stefan Stoll

    Characterizing solar cell materials with electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

Xiaodong Xu

  Carbon based nanoscale optoelectronics devices for new energy harvesting technologies

Jihui Yang
Materials S&E

  Advanced materials for energy conversion (thermoelectrics) and storage (battery)

Qiuming Yu
Chemical Eng

    Nanomaterials for solar cells