Solar Energy

AME scientists are developing a range of new solution-processable semiconductor inks that could enable solar cells to be printed like newspaper .  These materials range from new polymer semiconductors for use in plastic solar cells all the way to nanocrystalline inorganic semiconductor quantum dots and colloidal inks for ternary chacogenide systems like CZTS, We have great depth in materials synthesis as well as characterization. We have capabilities for imaging the performance of nanostructured solar cells that are unique in the world.

AME Faculty doing research in Solar Energy:

Guozhong Cao, Materials Sci & Eng:
Dye-sensitized and organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells

Scott Dunham, Electrical Eng:
Modeling and simulation of fabrication and operation of silicon and organic photovoltaic and electro-optic devices

David Ginger, Chemistry:
Physical chemistry of nanostructured materials with potential applications in low cost photovoltaics (solar cells)

Hugh Hillhouse, Chemical Eng:
Nanostructures for high efficiency and low cost solar cells

Alex Jen, Materials Sci & Eng:
Ultra-low-cost and efficient polymer solar cells

Samson Jenekhe, Chemical Eng:
Fundamentals of electronic, optoelectronic, and photonic phenomena in polymers for solar cell technology

Christine Luscombe, Materials Sci & Eng:
Molecular self-assembly processes in the development of functional molecules with novel electronic and photonic properties

Danilo Pozzo, Chemical Eng:
Structural and processing engineering of soft materials for use in thin-film solar cells

Gerald Seidler, Physics:
Synchrotron light Source experiments to characterize energy materials

Tom SpiroChemistry:
Solar hydrogen production using molecular photocatalysts

Qiuming Yu, Chemical Eng:
Nanomaterials for solar cells