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Chill Skills Group

Emotion Regulation Support for Children with Asperger's and Related Disorders


Does your child experience emotional meltdowns?

Are emotional outbursts interfering with your child's relationships?

Are you finding that typical parenting strategies are not working?

Chill Skills groups are led by Leah Altemeier, Ph.D., and Julie George, M.Ed., BCBA. They are conducted in small group settings (3-6 students) that run for 12 weekly 90-minute sessions. Some parent participation is required.

Children will learn:

  • Self-awareness of their emotions and the associated physical cues
  • The triggers for their meltdowns
  • Better ways of coping with stress and strong emotions
  • The benefits of staying calm
  • How to follow an individualized plan when emotions and behavior start to escalate

Parents will learn:

  • How to defuse a meltdown in the moment
  • How to respond effectively to your child's outburst
  • How to help your child learn to manage his or her feelings and behaviors

Appropriate group candidates will:

  • Have at least average ability to use and understand language
  • Read and understand what they read at the 4th grade level or above
  • Be able to function in a group setting
  • Have some awareness of their emotional and/or behavioral difficulty

For more information and to determine whether your child is a good fit for this group, please email Leah Altemeier, Ph.D.