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Family Scholarship Fund

The Family Scholarship Fund (FSF) was created to provide financial support for families receiving services from the Autism Center who are experiencing financial hardship. 

Services Covered by FSF

FSF assistance applies to the following services within the UW Autism Center: diagnostic evaluations, occupational therapy & OT evaluations, speech-language therapy & evaluations, social skills group sessions, behavioral consults, school consultations, home visits, early intervention treatment and program writing charges.

The FSF may also be applied to the required deposit for diagnostic evaluations. The FSF cannot be used to assist with charges for services provided by pediatricians affiliated with the UW Autism Center.  The services by these providers are charged through the University of Washington Physicians. 

Use of Funds

All information regarding family income and circumstances will be kept confidential. Families whose income falls within the parameters of the FSF may qualify for reduced fees for services on a first come, first serve basis. Family Scholarship Funds are not retroactive; the use of funds may only be applied toward services provided after the date of approval.

The FSF program is always subject to available funds.  The funding of this program is provided by reservation of a portion of the net income received during the previous year and through annual fundraising, and thus may fluctuate from year to year.  Family Scholarship Funds will not be available after the annual allocation has been dispersed.  The amount of funding available is determined at the beginning of each fiscal year and is based on the funds received for this purpose during the previous year.  

Ongoing Process

FSF recipients must maintain an acceptable account balance relative to their services received and must comply with all UWAC billing policies in order to obtain funding. Balances will be due upon receipt of any service not covered by the FSF.  Participation in the FSF program will be forfeited if these policies are not adhered to. The UW Autism Center’s Policy and Procedure for Collections is applicable to these accounts, and any decision of termination will be made by the director of the UW Autism Center.

Download a Family Scholarship Fund Application here