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What is the purpose of this study?

Researchers at the University of Washington (Annette Estes, PhD, PI) are comparing two versions of one-on-one early intervention for young children, 12-30 months old, with early signs of autism. 

Who may participate? What are the criteria?

  • We are seeking up to 36 children in the 12-30 month age range who show signs of autism.

            Some early signs of autism (from

    • Not smiling and laughing while looking at you
    • Not making sounds like “ma”, “ba”, “na”, and “ga”
    • Not turning to the person speaking when his/her name is called
  • Children who have English as a primary language
  • Families who live within a 30 minute drive of the UW Seattle Campus
  • Children who are able to move around on their own

How can families benefit from participating?

  • Families who participate may benefit from promptly receiving free clinical services, consultations from clinically trained research staff, and referrals for intervention services in the community.
  • Qualifying families will receive cognitive and behavioral assessments before and after treatment.
  • Qualifying families will receive one year of in-home intervention and parent coaching at the UW as well as follow up.

Where and when does the study take place?

  • Assessment visits will occur at the University of Washington Autism Center at the Center on Human Development & Disability.
  • Intervention sessions are delivered at home by highly trained interventionists.
  • Home and clinic visits take 1-2.5 hours and are scheduled at a time that is convenient for families during the week.

Whom should I contact if I am interested in the study?

Contact our project staff by calling 206-616-2377 or emailing

*Please remember that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information sent by email.