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Cortical Connectivity Study
Funded by Cure Autism Now Foundation

UW Autism Center

What is the purpose of this study?

To investigate how various parts of the brain communicate with each other and to clarify the neuropsychological basis of social cognitive impairments associated with autism. A variety of approaches have been used to investigate social cognition in autism. The current study seeks to understand how preschoolers organize and allocate their mental resources in situations with emotional significance and that are highly motivating.

How can I participate? What are the criteria?

Please note, this study is no longer recruiting.
The criteria are still listed here for historical reference.

Your child can participate if he or she meets both of these criteria:

  • He/she is high-functioning with an autism spectrum disorder OR he/she is typically developing.
  • He/she 6 or 7 years old.

What does participation in the study mean?

Brain functioning will be assessed using EEG, a non-invasive recording made using sensors on the scalp. In addition, children will participate in game-like cognitive tasks, including memory tasks. Arousal during some of these tasks will be measured by collecting recordings of moisture (i.e. sweat) on the palm of the hand.

What is the time commitment for participation in the study?

Participation involves three one- to two-hour visits to the UW, one lengthy phone call, and parent questionnaires. Appointments are available on evenings and weekends.

What will my family get out of the study?

All families who participate will receive a small payment for their time. Feedback reports, which may be helpful for educational planning, are also available upon request.

Who are the investigators involved in this project?

Michael Murias, PhD (research assistant professor)
Susan Faja, MS (doctoral candidate)

Whom should I contact to get involved?

Michael Murias,

*Please remember we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of email.