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Please take a few minutes to read through this schedule with your children before your visit, so that they know what to expect during your visit to UW. Thank you!

The specific schedule visit will be tailored to your family, depending on how many family members will be coming and how old each child is. You will receive a specific schedule for your family’s visit in the mail. This section is intended to give you a general introduction to the study and what you can expect during your visit.

Day One

After breakfast at your hotel, a research team member will pick you up and bring you to our building at UW.

Our building
Our building

You will meet everyone in the team and we will spend some time going over the schedule and answering any questions you may have. After this, family members will spend time with Dr. Ari and Dr. Beau; parents will do interviews and some paper and pencil tests, while the children will do activities and different types of games.

Entrance to the CHDD building
Entrance to the CHDD building

The waiting area
The waiting area. We have games, toys, snacks and movies in case you are done early and are waiting for the rest of your family.

Testing room
This is what the room looks like where you will be with Dr. Ari and Dr. Beau.

We will take lots of breaks during the day, including stopping for lunch. We have a cafeteria next door.

You will be finished around 4:30 on the first day, and can spend the afternoon exploring the University of Washington or Seattle.

Day Two

We will pick you up after breakfast around 9am to start your second day. There will be more testing with Dr. Ari and Dr. Beau, and we will also measure your height, weight, head circumference and take some photos of your family.

The member(s) of the family with the 16p11.2 duplication or deletion will have an MRI scan (LINK TO SOCIAL STORY) and an interview with a neurologist today. The whole family will get their blood drawn in the UW Medical Center.

UW Medical Center

After lunch Dr. Ari will meet with your family and talk about your visit, and answer any questions that may have come up during your time with us.

We will then go to the 3D imaging facility in downtown Seattle, and after a BIG THANK YOU from our team, we will get you on your way to the airport around 4pm.