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Wendy Stone, PhD

Wendy Stone, PhDDr. Stone’s primary clinical and research interests focus on early identification and early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Her research involves the characterization of early-emerging behavioral features of autism, with the dual goals of understanding the core deficits and mechanisms underlying development of the disorder, and designing targeted interventions to prevent or attenuate the expression of symptoms.

Her current research projects address the social-emotional development of infant siblings of children with autism, the identification of social-communicative markers in children under 24 months, and the evaluation of a parent-implemented intervention for young children at risk for autism.  She has studied several aspects of early social-communicative development, including social orienting, motor imitation, and prelinguistic communication, examining their contributions to later behavioral and diagnostic outcomes. She is particularly interested in identifying developmental pathways and risk/protective factors that contribute to variability in social, learning, and behavioral outcomes for children at elevated risk for autism.  Dr. Stone is committed to translational science, and has worked to enhance knowledge and service capacity within community settings, through development of the Screening Tool for Autism in Two-Year-Olds (STAT) and provision of training and outreach activities for pediatricians, teachers, and other community professionals.