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Arriving in Argentina

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Dec 29, 2009

loading to fly to Mar del Plata

loading to fly to Mar del Plata

The flight left a bit early from Miami and enjoyed a tail wind most of the way south.  I managed to get 3 or 4 hours of sleep on this red eye flying bus.  We landed, without hitch, in Buenos Aires.  It was very warm, I had to peel my sweaters..finally getting down to my short sleeve shirt when outside walking to get the bus to the “domestic” airport to the south of Buenos Aires on the water – my first glimpse of these waters.  I am waiting in this local airport until my flight leaves for Mar del Plata this evening at 8.  I have left a message for Mark Schrader , Captain of the Ocean Watch, alerting him I am nearly there.  No reply yet, so we will have to see if the boat is actually in yet.

thinking of the Falklands

thinking of the Falklands

Arriving in Mar del Plata and taking a cab to the waterfront, Ocean Watch could not be spotted. The driver checked with the naval base attendant and he called around.  Nothing.  So, I took the taxi to a hotel recommended by Carlos, the attorney, I met while waiting in line to board for Mar del Plata.  Carlos spoke American and was able to help me navigate the taxi scene.  Carlos recommended I stay at the Dos Reyes Hotel.  They had a room and I booked two nights.

Dec 30, 2009

leaving Buenos Aries airpot to find bus to local airport

leaving Buenos Aries airpot to find bus to local airport

I managed to get a good night sleep and will go out this afternoon to search for Ocean Watch if I am not able to get the concierge to call the Harbor Master.

Dec 31, 2009

Ocean Watch found!

Ocean Watch found!

I found the boat yesterday!  It is docked at the Argentino Yacht Club.   I checked out of the hotel Dos Reyes and moved my gear onto the boat just in time before all went out to eat dinner at the little Club restaurant.

Finding her was a bit of an adventure.  I took a taxi to the area where the Prefectura’s office was said to be located and walked to find it.  After walking past all the restaurants, I made my way toward the water and my first stop was in a building with folks having an office party.  I walked in.  The man I spoke with left me to find a woman who spoke American – I found out she lived in the States for 3 years.  She took me next door where we made contact with the right folks to find the boat-customs.  Once it was assured that the boat was in, this woman and another drove me to the boat!  This is how I found it.

Today some Mar del Plata media folks are expected this morning.  Our schedule is to leave for the Falklands Jan 2.

Leaving Seattle

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No problem flying from Seattle to Miami.  Unknown to me is the fact that Alaska Air flies into Miami at the T gates.  These gates are separate from the D gates.  Separate enough that one has to leave sure areas and re-enter and go through security once again.  I managed to negotiate all that in spite of the fact my flight to Buenos Aires was an hour and a half after arriving.  My checked bag from Seattle was checked all the way through.

Just before the American Airlines flight to Buenos Aires left, the gate attendant played a wonderful tune on an elongated gourd with a type of wisp.  He sang what later he described as a traditional Argentinean New Year’s celebratory song.  In any event it was beautiful and all applauded and smiled when he was finished.

Leaving tomorrow

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It’s a bright clear and cold day here in Snohomish County.  It is quiet in our neighborhood and Cate and I are going over final preparations for me leaving in the morning.  I made my class webpages and thought they were functional to discover this morning that only part of the pages functioned properly.  The new technique I am learning is revealing my imaturity with it.  I made some corrections this morning and hope my students will be able to follow my organization.

I remain very excited about seeing the southern night skies…seeing the Southern Cross and other new, for me, star clusters.  I have wanted to sail these waters for at least 2 decades.

Two days

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I leave two days from now on Monday afternoon!  I will try to make a longer post tomorrow after I finish as many preparations I am able to do to cover my classes and have Cate time.


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I am exercising a bit.  No I am not exercising to recover my build as a youngster.  laughs. I just want to be able to handle sails and line and get my endurance up a bit.  It sure would be a lifetime experience for all students to have the opportunity to go on big adventures-even for short periods- it will sure build character and broaden perspectives.

I still have to pick up a couple of items as well as do the best I can to make student assignments for the no more than 2 weeks I will be away from Bothell.  I have been asked to write a couple of articles while aboard on any subject of my choosing – I will just have to make a choice won’t I?

Getting in shape

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I have been walking from campus onto the Burke Gillman Trail everyday and plan to continue this routine. I have also been working out on the stationary bike along with the machines. Not too much mind you but just enough to feel exercised.

The boat and crew are making their way down to Rio now. I have been asked to write a couple of articles while aboard – nice.