Arrived in Washington

Warren Buck | January 20, 2010 | Comments (1)

I returned yesterday(Tuesday) afternoon after leaving the Falklands Saturday!  There is a once per week flight to Argentina or Chille and, my flight went to Rio Gallegos, Argentine (Sante Cruz province and in Patagonia).  It was there I met a fascinating family who were my landlords in the Hotel apartment I stayed in.  They gave me a tour of the lands outside the city that included visiting a volcanic site rich in rock and a crater lake. I stayed there 1.5 nights as my flight to Buenos Aires departed at 3am Monday morning and arrived in Buenos Aires just after 6am.  I took the bus to the international airport where I promptly fell asleep in a very uncomfortable chair.  waking up I realized I had to do something else…so I remembered what Gabriela and Leo, of Rio Gallegos, suggested I do – take a tour of Buenos Aires!  Since my flight to Miami did not leave until 11:30 pm, I had plenty of time.

So I hired a driver and car and set off to explore the big city (~12 million people).  Saw the government buildings as well as the soccer stadium plus…  Near the soccer stadium there is an old district (kinda kitchy) that is a tourist trap – you get your photo with a tango partner or get a photo of you cutting a huge hunk of meat with a small sword etc.  I opted for the meat shot and ate a bit of it too.

There was a young man from India who attached himself to me when I returned to the airport.  He is a seaman who has been at sea for 2.5 months and was headed home to India.  He could speak nearly no english nor spanish; but somehow, he could communicate his need for help.  So, I helped him find the right lines to get in and he was also going to Miami as was I. 

I was surprised to discover I was upgraded to business class on my American Air flight to Miami – I took full advantage of this new sleeping arrangement and had the first full 6 hr sleep in weeks.  I was also surprised to discover I was upgraded to first class on the Alaska Air flight between Miami and Seattle!!

My daughter Liandren picked me up from the airport as I sported a white beard.  Just as I finished taking a long hot shower at my little cob house, in walks Cate!!!  It was a wonderful trip and it is great to be home.

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  1. Comment by Bruce — January 22, 2010 at 3:45 pm  

    Glad you’re home safe.

    Be well….