Day before leaving Falklands

Warren Buck | January 15, 2010 | Comments (0)

I am scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning to return to Seattle via Rio Gallos (sp), Chile, Buenos Aires, Miami, and the Seattle.  It will take me 2-3 days.  This is the fastest route that we know of.  I am ready to return and bask in this really wonderful experience.

Yesterday, we drove out to Volunteer Point where there are three different types of penguins; two of which were very abundant; Magellanic and Kings.  The Rockhppers, the third type, were not visible to us.  The trip to the Point was an adventure in itself.

We rented two Land Rovers driven by a father and his daughter.  The father has taken dozens of trips there and knew the way.  The Falklanders call everything out side of Stanley the “Camp.”  So we ventured into Camp yesterday. Travelling over bogs and plains where there were no roads and sometimes no hint of a path.  It took one hour to go 5 miles in places.

The rules were that we could walk amongst the penguins to within 10-15.  The Kings were the most abundant.  They could be seen walking to the beach, standing in large groups, and seen covering chicks.  The Magilanics borrow in holes that were clearly visible and in some cases we could see their chicks.

On the way back from Volunteer Point and just as we left the bogs, we stopped to witness sheep shearing.  The juxtaposition of the penguins and travelling across the bogs with bumps and lurches with the sheep shearing was stark.  There were two shearers doing one sheep every 1-2 minutes with background rock and roll music.  We were told the champion shearers can do a sheep in 40 seconds.

I will take a hotel room tonight so I can clean up and get ready to be at the airport 3 hrs before the flight leaves (that’s is what LAN Chile requires)-this means 11 am or so.  I am not sure if I can make another upload to the blog before I leave.  There is a bit of a procedure to go through to gain internet access – more on this later I am sure.

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