At Sea-Day 5

Warren Buck | January 9, 2010 | Comments (0)

We are reaching under sail on what appears to be coming up on the final 24 hrs of this passage.  Took some satellite passage data on clouds – basically list latitude and longitude, GMT, Relative Humidity, cloud conditions.  Today was very clear except for a bit of haze – this may have come from the reported dust storm in Patagonia.  I am assuming that the observation made on the water will be correlated later with the satellite observation of the same area.  We are beginning to read about the Falklands – they look very intriguing as we read about them.

It is really significant that we are the only humans within our radar range for days.  We have just been surrounded by sea and nature…what a wonderful experience.  Typing while under sail has been problematic for me; though everyone else does not seem to have that particular shortfalling.  However, today I seem to be ok with it.

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