2013 Legacy Award Recipients – Bill & Lydia Abbott

For William (Bill) and Lydia Abbott, recipients of the UW Bothell 2013 Legacy Award, supporting the school is all about helping students.

“I wanted to be more involved because I felt that I could throw down the rope for the person behind me,” says Bill, a graduate of the UW Bothell School of Business.

Bill was not a traditional student when he enrolled in classes at UW Bothell in 2001. He had already built and sold a successful business. He says he pursued his bachelor’s degree for a personal goal and to set a good example for his children.

“After my first few classes I realized that I had lucked into a wonderful experience,” he says.

Ten years after graduating with a business administration degree, Bill is an active donor and Advisory Board member, who is always willing to offer his help and advice to support the school.

“I enjoy doing it. The most unique part of the experience at UW Bothell is the camaraderie of people. It is wonderful and unique! At UW Bothell people are caring, and they help you a great deal.”