2016 Legacy Award Recipients – Kenyon Chan & Shirley Hune

The 2016 UW Bothell Legacy Award was presented to Chancellor Emeritus Kenyon Chan, Ph.D., and Shirley Hune, Ph.D., for their vision and support of the University’s mission to provide students access to excellence.

The award is presented annually to recognize individuals who demonstrate exceptional support and advocacy for UW Bothell. Drs. Chan and Hune were honored at the annual Chancellor’s Reception May 17 at McMenamins in Bothell.

“We’re passionate about providing access and opportunities for students to broaden their lives,” Dr. Hune said.

Kenyon Chan and Shirley Hune have been contributors to UW Bothell students’ success since 2008 through their donations to the Kenyon Chan and Shirley Hune Endowed Student Support Fund. “I don’t know if people really understand the thin line between success and failure may be just a few thousand dollars in a student’s life,” said Dr. Chan.

“Shirley and Kenyon’s generosity continues to make an indelible impact on our region,” said Chancellor Wolf Yeigh. “Our students who have benefited from their support go on to make significant contributions in industry, in communities and our regional economy.”

“Personally, I am grateful to Kenyon for being a mentor and friend to me,” said Chancellor Yeigh.

Shirley Hune is a professor emeritus in the College of Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. Kenyon Chan became the second chancellor of University of Washington Bothell in 2007 and served a six-year term. During that time enrollment rose from about 1,900 full- and part-time students to more than 4,600.

In 2019, Kenyon Chan and Shirley Hune also pledged a $100,000 gift to provide the Makerspace with 10 years of materials and supplies. Read more about that story here.