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UW Botanic Gardens Newsletter, Vol 9 Issue 6, June 2014

The Latest On The Union Bay Natural Area

Upcoming Events

6/10 Practical and Creative Landscape Design
6/11 NHS Wednesday Evening Lecture Series
6/19 Pruning for Restoration Sites, Natural Areas, and Trailsides
6/21 Untangling the Mystery of Vines
6/28 Harvest Wild Sea Vegetables
7/8 Curator Talks - Hydrangea Family
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Weekend Walks

The tour theme for June is the Pacific Connections Garden. June is a great month to walk to the South end of the arboretum and see the Pacific Connections Garden. We will take visitors to see the iconic plants in the various display gardens of Chile, China, Australia, New Zealand and our own native Cascadia. READ MORE. June Weekend Walk

On Exhibit in the Library: Mixed Media Sculpture by James Toner

Artist James Toner creates sculptures, furniture, and lamps with mixed materials including wood, stone, ceramics, and bronze. Ceramic flowers and sconces made from handmade paper & birch bark are included in this exhibit at the Elisabeth C. Miller Library. The artist invites you to join him at the opening reception Friday, June 20th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Free! Jim Toner




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Union Bay Natural Area In The News

yesler swamp 12-09There has been a lot of activity in the Union Bay Natural Area. Work is continuing on the first phase of a 1,200 foot boardwalk trail in Yesler Swamp, the six-acre site on the shore of Union Bay. There is a splendid article on the project in UW Today. The Seattle Times also had a nice piece on the ongoing restoration. Both articles feature extensive commentary from our own professor of plant ecology (as well as co-director of the UW’s Restoration Ecology Network), Kern Ewing.

Time Machine Story Program

Time Machine Story ProgramJoin us this Saturday for the last Story Program before the summer break. We will travel back in time. First, a visit to 1935, where young gardener Lydia Grace Finch has a plan to make her world a little more beautiful. Then we'll set the dial for about 1915, and travel to France to meet Claude Monet in his garden. In our last book, we travel to back to the first decade of the last century to meet Mossy the turtle and her friend Scoot. READ MORE.


Check Out The New UW Medicinal Herb Garden Blog!

medicinal herb gardenEveryone in our plant community should enjoy the new blog from our friends at the UW Medicinal Herb Garden. The Herb Garden has been on campus since 1911 and is home to a large variety of healing plants from around the world. Visit the blog.

A Glimpse Into the Past

Montlake Section [june glimpse](By John A. Wott, Director Emeritus) This photo of the Montlake Section in the Washington Park Arboretum was taken September 10, 1953. The label states that you are “looking NE down the site of the canal fill, with the Museum of History and Industry in the background." It is suspected that the small trees on the right are Japanese Cherry trees, READ MORE.

June 2014 Plant Profile: Philadelphus lewisii

Philadelphus lewisiiThe beginning of June boasts boisterous and abundant blooms and this native shrub is no exception. Starting in late May, an otherwise nondescript shrub begins to draw attention as masses of single white flowers suddenly begin to pop open creating a blizzard of deliciously scented clusters that cover a straggly shrub from top to bottom. READ MORE.


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