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More for Families

photoThe Elisabeth C. Miller Library at the Center for Urban Horticulture has a Children’s Collection of 400 nonfiction and fiction books on gardening, botany, and natural science projects.

Washington Park Arboretum has 230 acres of landscaped gardens, natural areas, and wetlands, plus a world-class collection of 10,000 trees, shrubs, and other plants—plenty of material for wide-eyed, hands-on learning!

For self-guided adventures, check out the Explorer Packs for groups of up to 15 students K-6th or our Family Adventure Packs. For guided adventures, our School Fieldtrips provide hands-on, inquiry-based explorations of Washington Park Arboretum’s 230 acres of woodlands, wetlands and trails, and are aligned with Washington State Standards of Learning (WASLs).

Free Weekend Walks Every Sunday at 1pm

Autumn Is Amazing

liquidambfallcolorThe Liquidambar styraciflua, or Sweetgum, is one of autumn’s most brilliantly colored trees, its leaves showing off every color in the spectrum.

The Liquidambar was wide spread, existing all over the Northern Hemisphere during the Tertiary Period (250-65 million years ago), but mostly disappeared due to glaciation during the ice age. Now this tree is native only to the SE United States and some areas of Mexico and Central America.  These deciduous trees can grown to 80-100 feet tall & live up to 400 years.  Its species name in Latin means ‘flowing with resin’ as the sweet resin in this tree was originally used for chewing gum.

They can be mistaken for maples as they have a similar palmate leaf. The Sweetgum leaf has 5-7 pointed lobes, but is usually flat along the bottom. They also have a distinctive spiky  brown fruit in autumn.

Our free Weekend Walks 10/19 – 11/16 will take visitors to view this and other deciduous plants in our collection.  Please join us.  See Visit > Tours for more information.

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