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Washington Park Arboretum Interactive Map


Welcome to the Washington Park Arboretum interactive map. This map contains plant locations and data for the entire living collection, or curated trees and shrubs, growing in the Arboretum. You may navigate the map using the tools on the left or your mouse. You may also manipulate the map, using the tools on the right, to create your own map for printing or saving. This help screen may appear when you first view the map or when you use certain tools. You may close this screen using the [X] in the upper right corner.

To navigate the map using the tools on the left, click the [+] icon to zoom in or the [-] icon to zoom out. Click the home icon to return to the full view of the map. To navigate using the mouse, double-click an area of the map to zoom in to that area. Double-click repeatedly to zoom in more. Click and hold the map to center different locations on the map. You may also use the scroll wheel of your mouse, if available, to zoom to different levels.

When you zoom in to a level where you can see individual plants, icons will appear that represent each tree or plant in the living collection. You may click on these icons to view information about the plants. Each icon will display available information including the plant name and UWBG accession information if available. Some plants will display pictures of the individual plants themselves, including flower and bark samples. Many plants will display detailed information about the plant scientific name, origin of that specific plant, and plant traits, such as flower color. There will also be a link to search for plant images to help identify the plant.

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