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The Washington Park Arboretum was founded in 1934 and informal seed exchanges began the same year.  The first seed list, or Index Seminum, was printed in 1948, only a few years after the founding of the Arboretum.  In 2009, the UWBG Index Seminum program celebrates its 61st anniversary, making it the oldest continuously operating program of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens.

Since its inception, the seed exchange program has played a vital role in building a diverse botanical collection while providing a reciprocal service to peer institutions throughout the world.

The mission of the UWBG Index Seminum is to collect and distribute wild collected, well-documented seed of species native to the Pacific Northwest.  This program operates on a two-year cycle, with seed collections made each year while the seed list is produced and distributed in alternate years.

Statistics for UW Botanic Gardens
Index Seminum
Year-end summary - 2011

Seed packets distributed



Institutions receiving catalog



Countries receiving catalog



Countries receiving seed



Total orders requested & filled


Statistics for this program are updated at the end of each two year program cycle. 


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