WPA Coming Attraction: Mason Bee Boxes

February 19th, 2010 by UWBG Horticulturist

Mason Bee Box

Arboretum staff will be assisting mason bee hobbyist Dave Richards (JohnnyAppleBeez, LLC) install several mason bee boxes in trees throughout the Arboretum grounds. The gentle, native mason bee is a better pollinator than the honeybee, but doesn’t travel nearly as far from its nest. Boxes will be up until June. An interpretive sign about mason bees will soon be posted up at the Arboretum apiary.

8 boxes similar to the one in the photo will be installed throughout the Arboretum grounds

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3 Responses to “WPA Coming Attraction: Mason Bee Boxes”

  1. Brooke says:

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  2. Colleen Hazen says:

    Please send me info on the Mason Bee Boxes! Thanks!

  3. Dave Hunter says:

    I’m glad to see people beginning to care about native bees. To understand more about how to attract or successfully manage the mason bee, look to our website http://www.crownbees.com for “how to” tips.

    In particular, please read through the harvesting section. This is one of the more important areas to understand. if you don’t harvest and watch for pests, your mason bees will be overrun by pests.