New Endowment Established for Arboretum Maintenance

January 7th, 2011 by Tech Librarian, Tracy Mehlin

western red cedar photoGordon and Irene Bergum will be remembered for their love of gardening (Irene in particular was passionate about flowers) and their generosity. They had a large, beautiful garden, and their intimate knowledge of all that was involved in maintaining it impelled them to set up a trust. At their passing, the trust created the Gordon and Irene Bergum Endowed Fund to help ensure that the Washington Park Arboretum has ongoing funds for maintenance. The UW Botanic Gardens is deeply grateful for their support.

Thank you to the Gordon and Irene Bergum Trust and everyone else who gave a gift and/or volunteered their time to UWBG in 2010.  Donors and volunteers are critical to the continued success of UW Botanic Gardens.