Plant Answer Line: Going Strong After Ten Years

May 9th, 2011 by Tech Librarian, Tracy Mehlin

Plant Answer Line - click to ask a questionIn the spring of 2001 the Elisabeth C. Miller Library launched a new service designed to answer plant and gardening questions quickly over the phone or via email.

“How do I prune a Hollywood juniper to shape and train it so it looks good?”

The Plant Answer Line is staffed by professionally trained librarians who also have a life-time passion for gardening. The librarians find answers in an extensive collection of books and magazines, as well as online from trusted websites and databases. Over the last decade, tens of thousands of gardeners from all over the world received well researched answers with citations to sources.

“Can you tell me how to grow Hibiscus from cuttings?”

travel mug image

Buy your Plant Answer Line gear today!

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Plant Answer Line the Miller Library opened a Cafe Press shop where travel mugs, caps, book bags and magnets may be purchased all featuring the PAL anniversary logo.

Have a question? Call 206-897-5268 (UW-PLANT) or send a message to Plant Answer Line is a free service, but the Miller Library depends on private donations to buy books and pay staff.

“Will I be able to get  syrup from maple trees in our climate?”

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