February Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum:
“Excellent Evergreens”

February 23rd, 2012 by Pat Chinn-Sloan

Selected cuttings from the Washington Park Arboretum for February 2012

Selected cuttings from the Washington Park Arboretum (February 13 - 27, 2012)

1) Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. niphophila    (Alpine Snow Gum)

  • Known for distinct blue-green foliage
  • Slower growing than other Eucalyptus species
  • Located north of the Pacific Connections Garden, east of the Lookout parking lot

2) Lithocarpus densiflorus    (Tanbark Oak)

  • Native to California and southern Oregon, easily grown in Seattle
  • Highly susceptible to Sudden Oak Death
  • Found north of Rhododendron Glen

3) Maytenus boaria    (Mayten Tree)

  • Known for fine textured foliage
  • Native to Chile
  • Located near Rhododendron Glen and the Camellias

4) Quercus suber    (Cork Oak)

  • Corky bark harvested for wine corks and dartboards
  • Native to Spain and Portugal
  • Found near along Arboretum Drive near the Giant Sequoias

5) Sycopsis sinensis    (Chinese Fighazel)

  • A relative of the witch hazel
  • Extremely rare in Seattle
  • Located near Pacific Connections Australia Entry Garden


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