Rhododendrons in bloom – Everywhere!

June 4th, 2012 by Catherine Nelson, Adult Tours Program Assistant

Walking through the arboretum’s forested middle area, one is greeted with bursts of color on the hybrid Rhododendrons in our collection. Within this forest understory are many of the almost 1800 Rhododendron species and hybrids in the collection. Its cool and green and quiet on these forested paths, a lovely walk on any day, but this time of year the added beauty of the Rhody flowers is a seasonal treat.
Or if you prefer to be out in the open, take a walk along Azalea Way where hundreds of shrubs blossom along it’s borders. My favorites, the deciduous Azaleas, are at their peak right now. Their variety of colors in citrus shades which complement and contrast each other is stunning.


For more information on our Rhododendrons on this web site go to: Home, Gardens, then click ‘plant collections’ in left column under Washington Park Arboretum.
For list of all Rhododendron species in the arboretum collection on this web site go to: Home, Gardens, Living Plant Collection and search under ‘Rhododenron’.    Catherine Nelson

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