The Montezuma Pine

July 8th, 2012 by Catherine Nelson, Adult Tours Program Assistant

Our free Weekend Walks topic for the month of July is conifers, therefore it seems appropriate to feature one of my favorite trees in the arboretum collection: the Montezuma Pine located in crabapple meadow. The Pinus montezumae var. lindleyi is a stately tree with defined, tiered branches which droop down and then rise back up in a “J” shape at the end where the clusters of needles 10-12” long drape elegantly. It reminds me of a waterfall. This tree was added to the collection in 1965 and is native to Mexico and Central America, where it is called the ‘Ocote’ tree.

One of the websites I visited while researching the Montezuma Pine featured a full picture of our very own arboretum tree!  (my camera could not do it justice).

Please join us on a free Weekend Walk this month to see this and other amazing conifer trees in our collection. Walks meet at Graham Visitors Center at 1 pm every Sunday.

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