September Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum (Part II)

September 28th, 2012 by Pat Chinn-Sloan

Selected cuttings from the Washington Park Arboretum (September 24-October 8, 2012)

1)   Acer diabolicum  (Horned Maple)

  • This maple is one of the least ornamental of the native maples of Japan.
  • It is named for the tiny horn-like appendages between the winged seeds.
  • Ours is growing beside the Japanese Garden parking lot.

2)   Koelreuteria bipinnata

  • Named after a German professor of botany, J.G. Koelreuter (1733-1806), it is impossible for English speakers to pronounce.
  • K. bipinnata is blooming now, but the more common K. paniculata is bearing its conspicuous inflated seed pods.
  • Both species are located opposite Arboretum Drive on Foster Island Road.

3)  Pterocarya stenoptera  (Chinese wingnut)

  • The Latin name literally means “narrow-winged wingnut”.
  • A relative of walnuts and hickories, it is growing near them in 29-2W along Azalea Way.

4)  Pterostyrax hispida  (Epaulette Tree)

  • Long panicles of spring flowers become chains of bristly (hence “hispida”) seeds.
  • Native to China and Japan.
  • The best examples in the Arboretum are along the east fence (9 and 10-7E).

5)  Vitex agnus-castus  (Chaste Tree)

  • A shrub native to Mediterranean regions and southwest and central Asia.
  • The Vitex genus includes large tropical and sub-tropical timber trees.
  • In the Arboretum, it is located just south of the Woodland Garden pond on Azalea Way.  A
    white form is 100 feet north.

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