520 Bridge Mitigation Projects in the Arboretum

February 7th, 2013 by Heidi Unruh, UWBG Communications Volunteer

Photo Credit:  Ethan Welty

Photo Credit: Ethan Welty

Say goodbye to the “ramps to nowhere.” As part of the new 520 bridge construction project, the ramps will be coming down. As announced in a recent press conference, WSDOT will pay Seattle Parks and Recreation  $7.8 million for mitigation projects in the Arboretum.  These projects include the design and construction of a 1-mile multi-use trail, as well as improvements to Azalea Way Pond, parts of Arboretum Creek, and Foster Island. Learn more about this groundbreaking agreement at the Arboretum Foundation  cite and read the full press release here (PDF).

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